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Do you want to get clarity with your numbers for your investments and finances? Do you want to learn how to make educated decisions with your money? Do you want to learn to purchase real estate without banks and without cash? If so, our live classes will be perfect for you. To be notified of the next live class, enter your information here and you will notified right away. In the meantime, be sure to look at the online/DVD version, and you can watch from the comfort of your own home.

I have a master degree, and yet this is the most valuable class I have ever taken!

Bailey Varness

Fullerton, CA

Buddy’s class is a must-have for all real estate investors. Buddy’s teaching method is methodically simple & comprehensible. He makes even those mathematically challenged (like me) understand more complex principles.

Rovee Pruna

Los Angeles, CA

Buddy has been the go to person for any questions we have for seller financing. His knowledge and creativity is a gift. He is friendly, funny, and an amazing teacher/friend to have on your team!

Ayumi M

Torrance, CA

Buddy’s class is excellent! It helped me so much. Concepts that I have heard complicated by others before…Buddy made simple! I recommend this class to everyone! It should be taught in high school!

Chuck Jones

Santa Clarita, CA

There are no live classes currently scheduled. To receive the latest updates on upcoming live class join our community.

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