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“I just took out $50,000 in student loans, but it’s a good investment since it is for my education.”  - Anonymous Student This is a comment that I recently overheard and it echoes a sentiment that I have heard many times before: that higher education, no matter what...

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A 35% Return on Investment Must be Risky or Illegal….Right?

One thing that I hear constantly in investing circles, even from some people with investing education, is that you cannot get above a certain return, typically around 4%, without the investment being risky or [cue the gasp] illegal. This statement is often followed up...

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14 of My Favorite Real Estate & Investing Teachers

Education is imperative in any endeavor. How would you feel if you were to have a heart transplant surgery and you found out that the person who was performing the surgery never studied anything about medicine, surgeries, or heart transplants? Would that give you a...

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