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Do you feel like you are guessing when facing a financial or investment decision? To make educated decisions with your finances, it is essential to understand the principles of money. The principles of money, much like the law of gravity, affect you every day, regardless or your profession or stage in life.
Attorney & real estate investor Buddy Broome has taught hundreds of people how the principles of money work. He will do the same for you so that you get clarity with your numbers so that you make educated financial decisions. He will also teach you how to invest in real estate with seller financing so that you can purchase properties without banks and with little or no cash to build your path to financial freedom.

Here's What You'll Access!

Rare Teacher

Buddy Broome is an excellent teacher in the seller financing realm of real estate investing.  He is able to breakdown complicated calculator situations into easy bite size pieces so even the most mathematically challenged investors can determine their yields.  He is a rare teacher in that he is accessible and always willing to help. He is a gift to our local investing community.

Buddy is genius at developing creative solutions using seller financing to uncover deals where one would initially consider “no deal.” I recommend any class that Buddy teaches as required curricula for anyone who considers themselves a real investor for the long term.

Iris Veneracion

Irvine, CA, Founder of Investclub for Women

Should be Required for High School

This class is essential.  I believe that everyone should be required to take this class before graduating high school.  I wish I knew these principles 30 years ago.

Kathleen Saunders

El Segundo, CA

Integrity, Experience and Knowledge

It’s important to me to like and trust the people I do business with. You can learn concepts from anyone, but building relationships is what matters most. I have known Buddy for several years. We have closed several transactions together, and I can wholeheartedly recommend Buddy’s integrity, experience and knowledge. I know first hand that he’s earned the right to teach you and become your trusted friend, mentor and JV partner. Anyone in the So Cal region should connect… he’s one of my favorite people.

Dawn Rickabaugh

Note Queen Capital

Learned More…Than I Have in My MBA

I’ve learned more about deal structuring and the time value of money from Buddy than I have in my MBA and any other class I have taken. Buddy gives practical advice that any one can use and he is a master at creating win win deals that anyone can learn and apply right away. I highly recommend Buddy’s class as it is a must attend for anyone serious about his/her financial freedom.

Zaid Rabadi

Los Angeles, CA

Video Sessions

In all our video sessions you'll learn how to leverage the right tools to become highly successful in any market that your choose. Each video session is designed to take you through all you need to know to make educated decisions with your finances and build your path to financial freedom.

Real Examples

We've included solutions for real financial challenges you face daily—which include, knowing how big your nest egg must be for you to never have to work again! Also, we'll walk you through creative real estate investment deals that will help you to reach your financial goals.

Here's What You'll Learn!

  • Money In Everyday Life & Home Financing

  • Basic Functions Of The Calculator

  • How to answer everyday financial questions & examine student loans.

  • How to analyze home & car purchases.

  • How big does your nest have to be & how to get there.

  • Real Estate Investing Basics

  • Advanced Investing

  • How to structure real estate transactions & seller finance deals that don’t need any money or bank loans. 

  • & Much Much More! 


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