Frank is looking to pay off his credit card.  Frank currently owes $5,000 on his card and the interest on his card is 18%.  Frank will make payments of $300/month until the card is paid in full.  How long will Frank be making payments?

Below are the key strokes to enter into your 10bii financial calculator:

N = ??  (This is the number of months it will take Frank to pay the credit card.  So, this is what we are solving.  We fill in the rest of the numbers into the calculator, and once they are entered, the calculator will  solve for this)

I = 18 (this is the interest rate of the credit card Frank wants to pay in full)

PV = $5,000 (This is the current balance on the card.  Note that this is a positive number as Frank received $5,000 in past.)

PMT = -$300 (This is the amount that Frank will pay every month.  Note that this number is negative as the money will be leaving Frank's pocket every month to pay off his card)

FV = 0 (this is the desired end result, a zero balance)

Enter in the numbers into your 10bii calculator and solve for "N".    The answer for N = 19.32 months, so in just over 19 months Frank will have paid off the balance to his credit card.


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