Success Stories...

"If you’re an investor, a realtor or just interested in real estate…you have got to go attend his class! He’ll teach you how to think outside the box to create..."

- Sharon Houseworth & Lisa Stotelmyre
Orange County, CA


"Before I took Buddy’s class, I thought I understood how interest worked…but…I was completely wrong! After his course, I now understand…"

- Bailey
Fullerton, CA

"Buddy taught me how to purchase real estate without using traditional bank financing or without cash! Though a technique called…"

- Jordan
Irvine, CA

"The class really geared toward your future. Anyone out there that wants to retire and not work the rest of your life, I recommend Buddy’s class."

- Noble Aeschbacher
San Diego, CA



Rare Teacher

Buddy Broome is an excellent teacher in the seller financing realm of real estate investing.  He is able to breakdown complicated calculator situations into easy bite size pieces so even the most mathematically challenged investors can determine their yields.  He is a rare teacher in that he is accessible and always willing to help. He is a gift to our local investing community.

Buddy is genius at developing creative solutions using seller financing to uncover deals where one would initially consider “no deal.” I recommend any class that Buddy teaches as required curricula for anyone who considers themselves a real investor for the long term.

Iris Veneracion
Irvine, CA

Integrity, Experience and Knowledge

It’s important to me to like and trust the people I do business with. You can learn concepts from anyone, but building relationships is what matters most. I have known Buddy for several years. We have closed several transactions together, and I can wholeheartedly recommend Buddy’s integrity, experience and knowledge. I know first hand that he’s earned the right to teach you and become your trusted friend, mentor and JV partner. Anyone in the So Cal region should connect… he’s one of my favorite people.

Dawn Rickabaugh

How to Make Decisions Based on My Priorities


My husband and I are looking into real estate investing and were intimidated by the whole idea of mortgages and figuring out what would work best in our favor. Taking Buddy's course was super helpful and made me feel at ease knowing that I can use a calculator to figure out how much I can earn from my investments and how to make decisions based on my priorities. Everything was explained in a very clear and concise manner, and Buddy walks you through every step.

Sarah Li Cain

Should be Required for High School

This class is essential.  I believe that everyone should be required to take this class before graduating high school.  I wish I knew these principles 30 years ago.

Kathleen Saunders
El Segundo, CA

Learned More…Than I Have in My MBA

I’ve learned more about deal structuring and the time value of money from Buddy than I have in my MBA and any other class I have taken.  Buddy gives practical advice that any one can use and he is a master at creating win win deals that anyone can learn and apply right away.   I highly recommend Buddy’s class as it is a must attend for anyone serious about his/her financial freedom.

Zaid Rabadi
Los Angeles, CA

Most Important Classes

One of the most important classes I've ever taken! I never understood math well, but Buddy broke down examples and explained things so well I felt like a math/creative finance genius by the time I was done!

Cat McSweeney
Irvine, CA

Most Valuable Class

I have a master degree, and yet this is the most valuable class I have every taken!

Bailey Varness

Great Real-World Examples

I recently took Buddy’s calculator class. As an Ivy League MBA in Finance grad and with 23 years in experience on Wall Street working with financial investments, I thought I knew my way around a financial calculator with my eyes closed.

I was wrong.

It turns out real estate finance is a much different animal and the creative strategies involved in borrowing, lending, buying and selling of real estate allow for interesting, unique uses of financial engineering. Buddy’s teaching made the process easy to understand. He used great real-world examples that made the learning more enjoyable and relatable. I would highly recommend his class to anyone serious about closing more deals because it gives you financial flexibility that your competition doesn’t even know exists and convinces counter-parties that you are the one that they should do their deals with.

Bruce R.
Los Angeles, CA

It Should be Taught in High School!!

Buddy’s class is excellent! It helped me so much.  Concepts that I have heard complicated by others before…Buddy made simple! I recommend this class to everyone! It should be taught in high school!!

Chuck Jones
Santa Clarita, CA

Amazing Instructor

Thank you for a most wonderful class.  I was most intimidated to attend, since I teach yoga and tai chi and live so far away from the financial world. I thought that my mind would be a puddle of putty by noon, but much to my surprise I was catching on and loving it!  You are an amazing instructor, not only in the classroom, but also in the way you laid out your syllabus and the content we covered in such a short time.

You kept the class at a nice pace so that even novices like me could keep up.  I am so eternally grateful for what I learned from you that day and simply want to express my sincerest gratitude.

Troyce Thomes
Mission Viejo, CA

A Subject Not Taught in “Regular” Schools

Buddy’s straightforward, methodical presentation was easy to follow, and the repetitive nature of concepts is a great method to cement the learning in your brain.  He was attentive to class questions too. An all around great presentation of a subject not taught in “regular” schools. A+!!!

Rick Powers

I feel like an investor genius!

Yes - This class solved every deal that I currently have in process.  I can't wait to revive my current offers and re-evaluate my dead ones.  I feel like a genius - an investor genius!  Thank you, Buddy!

Andres Arciga
Irvine, CA

Sincere Enthusiasm for Teaching

I have been a real estate investor in California for twenty years, focusing mostly on fixing and flipping and accumulating a portfolio of rental properties as well. For a long time I took the conventional route of going to the bank and borrowing money against the properties I was holding. However after taking Buddy’s financial calculator class, I have been equipped with a unique and effective way of buying and holding properties that gives the option to avoid the hassle and red tape of banks. Now I know how to confidently approach sellers and arrange financing with them, creating win-win situations and more accepted offers. I really wish I had taken Buddy’s class years ago. The class is organized and informative. Buddy Broome himself is an excellent teacher and mentor. He is knowledgeable, patient and has a sincere enthusiasm for teaching that makes him very approachable for questions. To any serious investor seeking to improve their real estate investment potential — I recommend you take this class.

Placido Pedraza
Los Angeles, CA

Years Worth of Practical Knowledge

Glad I came.  I received years worth of practical knowledge in one day.

Nigel Goonetilleke

I learned so much!!

I’m so happy I decided to take this class.  I learned so much information that I can use towards real estate investing.

Ria Banawis
Duarte, CA

A Must Class!

This is a must class!  I need to take it again!

Curt Thompson

Thankful To Have Found Buddy

Being from a younger generation I am thankful to have found Buddy when I did. His financial education should be mandatory before graduating high school.

Nick Brosco
Sherman Oaks, CA

Buddy’s Class is a Must-Have

Buddy’s class is a must-have for all real estate investors.  Buddy’s teaching method is methodically simple & comprehensible.  He makes even those mathematically challenged (like me) understand more complex principles.

Rovee Pruna

Cleaner Understanding

I have a much cleaner understanding of how financing works within the real estate market. I wish this class was provided to me when I was in high school.

Mark Goldwater
Long Beach, CA

Should be Required Before Loan Docs

Amazing insight into financial decisions – should be required before anyone is allowed to sign loan docs for any reason.


Where was This Class when I was in High School?

Where was this class when I was in high school??  Some of the stuff was hard to grasp at first, but the amount of examples helped me to eventually get it.

Linda Isai

Well Worth the Investment

Great content – well worth the investment of time to learn the powerful strategies to achieving financial freedom.

Running to the Figures

I really knew nothing regarding real estate finance.  I ran from the figures, after this class, I’m running to the figures.

Aaron B.

Good, Sound Investment Decisions

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! These tools have opened a whole new world of analysis for me!  Thank you very much for teaching me tools that I can use to make good, sound investment decisions. I don’t have to take unnecessary risks to be successful!

Claudia Walker

Fundamentals for Creating Financial Wealth

Buddy has taught me the fundamentals for creating financial wealth used in real estate but also used in everyday life. He has spent countless hours answering all of my questions until I understood the concepts.  This is a true testament of his character and devotion to his students. Buddy, I appreciate you and your time!  

     I am very fortunate to have taken Buddy’s “Calculate Your Way to Financial Freedom” class.  It strengthened my financial calculator skills and taught me life lessons about the daily “investments” that we make that often go unnoticed.  It was powerful when Buddy explained that regardless of whether we invest or not, we are all affected by the laws of money.  Therefore, I recommend everyone educate themselves by taking this class because it is a real eye opener.  


Julia Lee
Chino Hills, CA

A Must Have Class

Fantastic! Buddy does a terrific job of showing multiple ways to structure true win/win deals.  A must have class for new investors serious about making smart financial decisions.

Sheila Miller Nelson
Los Angeles, CA

It was great!

This is the second time taking the class and it was great!  I learned more.  Things that I did not understand became more clear. I’m becoming more confident in understanding how to structure financial deals.

Carlos Aquino
Los Angeles, CA

Cares About his Students

Buddy is a natural seminar leader.  He cares about his topic and about his students.  Buddy’s class will raise your game no matter what you already know.

John Steiner

Great Class

Great class if you want a hands-on training opportunity.

Nails the Numbers Game

Buddy Broome nails the numbers game for real estate investing.

Jim Brown
Torrance, CA

This Class Is Amazing

This class is amazing. Teaches you how to calculate different investments so you can decide on your own what is the best deal for you!


Made It Very Simple

Buddy’s class made it very simple to calculate real numbers for real estate investing. The most important tool I learned was how to determine better interest rates.

Candy G. Lopez
Bakersfield, CA

Very Informative

Highly recommend to any person interested in learning how money can work for you. Very informative at any stage. Thanks Buddy!

Drew Nagda
Pomona, CA

Very Clear & Understandable

The class was very clear & understandable using the workbook and calculator.  I can feel more confident structuring deals.

Kathy Rios

Makes Difficult Concepts Understandable

I really enjoyed Buddy’s class.  He takes difficult concepts and makes sure everyone in class follows and understands them before he moves on.

Christina Ng
Whittier, CA

Make my Money Work for Me

A Saturday well spent.  Great information on how to make my money work for me.

Bellflower, CA


Very hands on and effective!

Steve Barros

Excellent Teacher

Very informative.  An excellent teacher who explains well!  Great value.

Lailene Leong

First Step in Educating Myself

After years of watching my savings inch forward in the bank, I felt it was time to put those lazy funds to work.  This class is the first step to educating myself on making it work for me and not the bank.

R. Isai

Practical and Realistic Financial Scenarios

Buddy Broome organizes and presents a lot of complex mathematical information at constantly progressive levels from the introduction, building blocks of information to advanced material, while keeping/supporting students to be actively involved, and progressing to advanced calculation application for a wide range of practical, realistic financial scenarios.

Gloria Woodley
San Diego, CA

Awesome Class

Awesome class.  I wish I would have took the class 20 years ago.

Donald Paysinger
Los Angeles, CA


Amazing wealth of knowledge!!!!

Jackie M.
Torrance, CA

Great Instructor

Buddy is a great instructor. He takes financial concepts and uses examples that we actually work on in class. Very hands on, which helps us practice and retain information. Highly recommend his class to everyone!

Miriam Carranza

Smart Investments at an Early Age

I recommend taking this class, especially if you have teenage children or grandchildren to make sure that they make smart investments at an early age.

Ioana Gocan
Bellflower, CA

Made it a Joy to Learn

Buddy made it a joy to learn the material. He took his time and always made sure I and the whole class was engaged and up to date with the sample scenarios.

Glendale, CA

Finance and Numbers

Buddy’s way of teaching is straight forward and understandable on a topic (finance and numbers) that most people shy away from because they don’t know it very well. During our session he broke down concepts so everyone understood them without the need for a finance background. I am an accountant by profession so I have seen the concepts before; however, the way Buddy explained them they had a real application that could be used immediately in evaluating real estate deals. Now that’s worth a lot!!!

Loved the class and highly recommend it to all people who deal with money (that makes it everyone!).

Cerritos, CA

Ensuring that Everyone “Gets It”

Buddy is an excellent instructor. He is very thorough and genuinely interested in ensuring that everyone “gets it.” Well done!

Anthony W.
Lakewood, CA

Your Class is Truly Amazing

I do seller finance deals with balloon payments all the time! Now I understand and see the value of less down payments and longer terms!  Your class is truly amazing and I want to give it to my nieces and nephews for Christmas.

Lake View Terrace, CA

Snap, Crackle, Pop!

When I first started real estate, I had no idea how to use a financial calculator… but Buddy made it as easy as Snap, Crackle, Pop! His simple explanations and real-world examples have opened my eyes and completely taken my business to the next level. I can’t imagine where I’d be today without this valuable knowledge – well worth the investment!

San Diego, CA

Invaluable for Investors

The information and tools taught in the class are invaluable for investors, including those with little or no money to invest.

Mary Ann Skweres
Hollywood, CA

How to Think About Money

I very much enjoyed Buddy’s class. I learned a great deal about how to think about money.

Lester Anderson
Temecula, CA

Buddy Absolutely Knows his Stuff

I thought the class was very informative and Buddy absolutely knows his stuff. I enjoyed the class.

Mona Schoonover
Bermuda Dunes, CA

I Was Able to Finally “Get It”!

I’m so glad that I took Buddy’s Calculate Your Way To Financial Freedom class.  Buddy was such a patient instructor and made sure we all remained engaged with class participation.  I was so excited that I was able to finally “get it”!  I can’t wait to put this knowledge to use in future transactions.  Thank you for being so awesome, Buddy!!!

Toya Faby
Los Angeles, CA

I Can Apply What I Learned Right Away

Excellent, informative, educational class. I worried about being in a “math class” again, but this was fun & I can apply what I learned right away.

Ability to Reduce My Mortgage Payments

Buddy explained mortgage concepts which will give me the ability to reduce my mortgage payments on my rentals and save over $150 per month on just one house.

Michelle H.
Torrance, CA

Tools You Can Apply Right Away

Great class with hands on tools that you can apply right away. Buddy was an outstanding teacher and he helped us understand the material with so much ease.

Aileen Noche Matias

Understand the Value of Money, Time & Leverage

If you want to make math work, have more confidence in your calculations, and understand the value of money, time, and leverage, take his class!

Dr. Miluna Fausch
San Clemente, CA

Opened My Eyes

Buddy makes finances fun. He is a knowledgeable and interesting teacher and opened my eyes to the power of leverage.

Clare C.
Warner Springs, CA

Slowly Builds from the Basics

I really like how the content of the class slowly builds up from the basics into multiple real life options or scenarios.

Cypress, CA

Improve Your Knowledge

If you want to improve your knowledge of how money works, attend Buddy’s class.

Great Class for Beginners and Experienced Investors

This is a great class for beginners and experienced investors who wish to brush up on the calculator.

Go To Person

Buddy has been the go to person for any questions we have for seller financing. His knowledge and creativity is a gift. He is friendly, funny, and an amazing teacher/friend to have on your team!

Ayumi M.
Torrance, CA

Excellent Teacher

Buddy is the master of the financial calculator. His brilliance doesn’t make him an excellent teacher but most importantly he sincerely cares about all his students and their success. Thank you Buddy!

Jason Schaefer
Chino Hills, CA


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